House Rules

ALL are welcome to Dip Their Bill at PARLOR .. because .. hey .. our lil’ Juice Joint is the Cat’s Meow for throwing your Stilts up and gettin’ Ossified. Below you will find some Bar Etiquette .. show a lil’ Savoir Faire & .. well .. you won’t find yourself behind the eight ball

~ Treat others how you would like to be treated .. for those of you who don’t treat yourself well, please continue reading

~ No drinks outside .. ever .. not even to put out a fire

~ We are Not that kind of bar

~ Patience is a virtue .. please be virtuous

~ The Bathroom is the most popular seat in the house .. a 5 minute time limit is strictly enforced

~ No fighting, no play fighting, no talking about fighting

~ Name dropping is unnecessary  .. we all know who the owner is

~ Once again .. we are NOT that kind of bar

~ Do not bring anyone to imbibe with us you would not leave alone in your home .. you are responsible for the behaviour of your guests

~ We don’t eat in your bed .. please don’t snooze in our bar

~ Exit PARLOR briskly and quietly, as our neighbours across the hall are trying to sleep .. and remember .. hold the handrail as you navigate the stairs

Now that You’re On The Trolley, Ankle Down for some Ritzy cocktail action